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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Appliance Repair Service in Detroit

When compared to doing it yourself, hiring a professional appliance repairer in Detroit to fix your faulty or broken household appliance for $25.86 per hour saves you time, stress, and ensures you avoid heavy lifting or electrocution. While hiring a professional appliance repairer has loads of benefits, you should always keep in mind that hiring the wrong person may not only lead to shoddy repairs, but it also exposes you to appliance repair scams. As a result, residents of Detroit should always find out if the appliance repair man they are considering to hire is a good fit for the job by asking the following questions:

Are You Licensed to Practice as an Appliance Repair Service in Detroit?

Appliance repair men in Detroit are not required to hold an occupational license before they can work small appliances. However, appliance repair men who wishes to engage in the repair, services, and installation of larger electrical appliances such as refrigerators, electrical water heaters, and washers are required to obtain an Electrical Contractor License issued by the city's Building, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department via its Electrical Inspection Division. Working on any of the aforementioned appliances without an Electrical Contractor License is an offense punishable by a fine of not less than $1,000 for each day of violation. Appliance repairmen who wish to be licensed to do electrical repairs should fill out and submit an electrical contractor trade application form to the Building, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department, which is located at:

2 Woodward Avenue, 4th Floor
Room 408
Detroit, MI 48266

Applicants must submit their application form alongside a valid driver's license, and if the applicant is a licensed master electrician in the state, they will also be required to provide a copy of their master's electrician license. The applicant will get a written approval or refusal from the city's Board of Electrical Examiners after the relevant paperwork and documents have been received and reviewed. If approved, the applicant will be required to visit the city's Electrical Inspection Division at the above listed address to pay for the Electrical Contractor's License Exam. As soon as the exam is paid for, the applicant can choose an exam date.

Note that license will only be awarded to applicants who pass the licensing examination. Applicants that failed the examination must repay the exam fee and reschedule for the next available exam date. For more information concerning the requirements and procedures for obtaining an Electrical Contractor License in Detroit call (313) 224-3228, (313) 224-3226, or (313) 628-2661. Before hiring an appliance repairman for electrical-related repairs in the city, homeowners are encouraged to contact any of the above listed telephone numbers to confirm if the individual they intend to hire is licensed.

Appliance repairmen who also wish to repair larger heating or cooling units must also obtain a state-issued Mechanical Contractor License in addition to a locally-issued Electrical Contractor License. The state's Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is responsible for issuing Mechanical Contractor License to successful applicants. Interested parties can apply for a Mechanical Contractor License online or by downloading, filling out, and mailing an application form to:

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Bureau of Construction Codes
P.O Box 30255
Lansing, MI 48909

Applicants must submit their applications together with proof of good moral character and a minimum of three years or 6,000 hours of work experience. More so, applicants are additionally required to sit for and pass a licensing examination, and pay both the examination and license fees before they will be issued a license. Questions regarding licensing Mechanical Contractor License requirements should be directed to the Bureau's Licensing Division at (517) 241-9316.

Note that as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to verify the licensing status of the technician you intend to hire. Homeowners can ensure that they are hiring a licensed technician to fix their heating or cooling units by utilizing the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs licensee search tool. Similarly, homeowners should also endeavor to ask their preferred appliance technician if they hold any voluntary certification related to appliance repair. Appliance repair men in Detroit can obtain work-related certifications from reputable trade associations such as the International Society of Electronics Technicians, the United Appliance Servicers Association, and the Professional Service Association. It is always good to verify whatever document your repairer provides as proof of certification by calling the trade association that issued the document.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Appliance Repair Services in Detroit?

Despite the fact that appliance repairmen in Detroit charge $25.86 per hour, it is important to note that the final cost of hiring a repairman will vary depending on the nature of repair that is needed, the extent of the damage, and the amount of time required to complete the repair.

Furthermore, most appliance repair men in the city charge a separate fee for diagnosing the appliance. This fee is usually not included in the total repair price and unscrupulous individuals may use it as an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting customers. To differentiate between the actual cost of your repair and additional charges, you should always get and compare estimates for your work from different appliance repair men. This will ensure that you get a reasonable price for the repair.

Appliance repair men in Detroit earn an average annual wage of $45,160. Provided below is a comparison of the hourly average wage for appliance repair men in Detroit with those of these technicians in other areas of Michigan several other locations across the United States:

City of Detroit Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Michigan Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Los Angeles Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Boston Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Houston Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Phoenix Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Seattle Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage

Are You Certified by the Manufacturer to Repair the Appliance in Detroit?

There are two types of appliance repairmen in Detroit, and it is always in your best interest to figure out which one you are dealing with before agreeing to work with them. In Detroit, an appliance repairman can either be a factory-authorized repairer or a non factory-authorized appliance repairer. Professionals who have been authorized by an appliance manufacturer to repair and service their brand of product are known as factory-authorized repairers, whereas technicians who do not have any form of relationship with an appliance manufacturer are known as non factory-authorized repairers.

When considering hiring an appliance repair services near you, it is wise to choose a factory-authorized repairer because of the following reasons:

  • They have the much needed know-how to provide quality service
  • They provide quality services at competitive prices
  • They are also familiar with the manufacturer's warranty policies
  • They have access to the manufacturer's support team and,
  • They can easily get Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to facilitate quality repairs

While there are numerous benefits of hiring a factory-authorized repairer, it is important to note that there is nothing wrong with hiring an experienced non factory-authorized repairer. Most non factory-authorized repairers also have the requisite skill and on the job experience to perform basic repairs. In addition, some non factory-authorized repairers are certified by trade associations, which means that they can also provide both specialized and advanced services. Nonetheless, using a non-factory-authorized repairer when your appliance warranty is still active is not always a wise option, since doing so may result in a violation of the conditions of the warranty.

Will You Get the Appliance Parts and Accessories Required by the Manufacturer?

Before finalizing any agreement with an appliance repairer in Detroit, homeowners are advised to discuss the nature of the repair extensively with the repairman. A very important issue to deliberate on when considering appliance repair is if new parts and accessories will be required for the repairs or not. If the repair requires both new parts and accessories or any of the two, homeowners should insist that their repairer purchase Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for the repair.

OEM parts are made by the appliance's manufacturer exclusively for their brand of products. These parts are generally more durable and of more quality than generic parts, which are produced by third parties who may not have any link to the appliance manufacturer.

Interested persons can purchase OEM parts online, directly from the manufacturer, or large repair shops. Regardless of where the purchase is being made, note that OEM parts always come with a warranty, and homeowners should carefully read the terms and conditions of the warranty before making a purchase.

While it is safer to use OEM parts, homeowners must understand that these parts may not always be available in the market for different reasons. A major reason why an OEM part may not be available in the market is if the manufacturer of the part stops producing the needed part. In such situations, professionals may have little alternative except to use generic parts to complete the repairs.

What Kind of Appliance Repair Services Do You Offer?

Detroit appliance repair men offer repair and installation services on a wide range of home appliances. These include washers, refrigerators, dryers, water heaters, air conditioners, microwave ovens, and trash compactors.

Homeowners who are in need of appliance repairs should contact an experienced repairman near them. However, when considering hiring someone for appliance repair, homeowners should always find out if the individual specializes in the type of repair they need.

To ensure that they are not hiring the wrong individual, homeowners should inquire about the years of experience and on-the-job training of the potential appliance repairmen. Furthermore, homeowners should inquire if the repairer is factory-authorized or certified by any trade association. The answers to the questions above will determine whether or not the repairer is a good hire. Not that hiring a qualified repairer helps homeowners avoid not only violating their appliance warranty's terms and restrictions, but also substandard repairs.

Having confirmed that the repairer is qualified to do the work, homeowners can now discuss the price of the repair before signing an agreement. This will also assist you in deciding whether to hire them or look for another qualified repairer. Listed below are cost estimates for some of the most regularly requested appliance repair services in Detroit:

Central vacuum system installation
$1,429 - $2,400 (for existing typical four-bedroom home)
Cost of appliance water line installation
$112 - $160
Dishwasher repair/replacement
$40 - $100
Dishwasher water and drain line installation
$112 - $150
Electrical appliance installation
$108 - $150 (for basic appliance hookup only)
Garbage disposal unit installation
$301- $380
Gas appliance installation
$80 - $110
Ice maker water line installation
$95 - $170
Kitchen hood repair/installation
$113 - $140 per hour
Microwave oven installation
$109 - $160 (labor only, for basic microwave installation)
Washing machine water line and drain installation
$113- $195
Stove repair
$93-$170 (labor only)
Refrigerator repair
$115-$190 (labor only)

How Do You Handle Issues of Product Repairs Going Wrong?

Repairing appliances is best left to qualified and experienced experts. However, it is important to note that appliances may remain the same or develop a new issue despite being serviced by a qualified technician. In this situation, your right as the homeowner likely depends on whether the technician acted fairly and on what the service contract says.

If the appliance technician followed the terms of the contract and the repair work order, homeowners may not be legally entitled to any form of compensation from them. Nonetheless, it is wise to first notify the repairer that performed the repair about the appliance's current status even if you think they followed the repair work order during the repair.

Note that most appliance repair men in Detroit will find a way of resolving the issue. Honest appliance repair men may decide to go through the repair again to see if they made a mistake. Some appliance repair men may also refer you to a different technician and refund some or all of your money for the work.

However, if the appliance repair man refuses to address your complaint and you suspect that they are negligent during the repair, you should consider getting help from reputable third-party organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB serving the Detroit area is located at:

20300 W. Twelve Mile Road, Southfield,
MI 48076-6409

Furthermore, if you suspect fraudulent behavior on the part of the repairer, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Michigan Attorney General's Office. Victims of appliance repair fraud can file a complaint with the division online or by downloading, completing, and mailing a consumer complaint form to

Michigan Attorney General's Office
Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 30213
Lansing, MI 48909-7713

The Michigan Attorney General's Office helps consumers by informally mediating complaints, which will help resolve the problem in many cases. However, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the mediation, you should contact your attorney for other legal means of getting justice. Lawsuits for the recovery of money damages or personal property involving a total amount of not more than $6,500 can be filed as small claims. Interested persons can file this lawsuit at the State of Michigan 36th District Court located in Detroit.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Appliance Repair Services in Detroit?

In Detroit, there are no specific insurance requirements for appliance repair men. However, as a homeowner, you must understand that appliance repair generally involves risks that may lead to property damage, injury, or even death. Appliance repair men may end up suffering electrocution, fractures, heat burns, sprain, or they may even end up dying while trying to fix your appliance. In 2020 alone, home appliance repair men across the United States recorded a total of 1,000 nonfatal occupational injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Note that you are most likely going to bear the cost of work-related injuries or property damage that occurred during repairs if the repairer you hired is not covered by insurance.

Although there is no certainty that your repairer will suffer any form of injury during your work, it is safer to prepare for potential work-related injuries to avoid being liable for the liabilities associated with them. You can protect yourself from the financial liabilities that often come with injuries or property damage that occurs during your work by hiring a repairer that is insured. You can ensure that your preferred repairer is insured by asking them to provide proof of insurance, and contact the company that issued the document to confirm the repairer's insurance status.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Appliance Repair Service in Detroit

The Consumer Protection Division of the Michigan Attorney General's Office receives more than 10,000 consumer complaints annually. These include several cases of appliance repair scam in Detroit and other parts of Michigan. In July 2018, Aaron's Appliance Repair conned an elderly woman in western Michigan. According to woodtv, the elderly woman is the owner of the appliance repair company's eighth victim. As a homeowner, you should always evaluate the technician you intend to hire before signing any agreement with them. You can avoid falling victim to appliance repair scams by taking the following precautionary steps:

  • Do not hire door-to-door solicitors for home appliance repair
  • Do not hire technicians that do not have a registered office line and business location
  • Get and compare estimates from multiple repairers before choosing one
  • Always verify if the repair work requires a licensed professional. If yes, make sure that the individual you are hiring is licensed by contacting the licensing agency or using the licensee search tool provided by the agency
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for reviews and testimonials on the repairer
  • Make sure that the appliance repairman is insured before the commence the repair
  • Do not give more than one-third of the total service cost as upfront payment
  • Do not allow the repairman to purchase parts and accessories without getting your approval first
  • Insist on parts that comes with a warranty, and make sure you read details of the warranty before approving the purchase

Victims of appliance repair scam in Detroit should report their experience with the repairer to the Consumer Protection Division of the Michigan Attorney General's Office online or by downloading, completing, and mailing a consumer complaint form to:

Consumer Protection Division
P.O. Box 30213
Lansing, MI 48909-7713