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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Appliance Repair Service in El Paso

While it may appear cheaper to fix your damaged or malfunctioning appliance yourself, hiring a master technician may be the safer option. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, almost 400 electrocutions occur in the United States each year, with around 15 percent of them involving consumer products. However, you should not entrust your appliances -refrigerator, cooktops, dryers, washers, and garbage disposal- to the first professional you encounter. To ensure you are employing a skilled appliance technician in El Paso who will complete your repairs expertly, safely, and without invalidating your existing warranties, ask the following questions:

Are You Licensed to Practice as an Appliance Repair Service in El Paso?

Depending on the kind of repairs an appliance repair service specializes in, a license may be required to operate in El Paso, Texas. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires a Texas Residential Appliance Installer License from an appliance repair specialist who installs appliances in El Paso.

Except for the Residential Appliance Installer license, appliance repairmen dealing with electrical appliances in El Paso can receive various specific contractor licenses like Electrical Apprentice and Master Electrician. You must register with the Texas Licensing and Regulations Board regardless of the sort of service you provide. The number of hours of on-the-job training and a passing score on the electrician exam are both required for each license.

No prior experience is required to apply for a license as a Residential Appliance Installer. After your application has been received and validated, you will receive information on how to take the exam after presenting proof of your expertise to the licensing board. You can submit your license application once you have passed. Use the TDLR Data Search to see if your appliance repair worker is properly licensed. Depending on the type of infringement committed as an air conditioning and refrigeration contractor, fines can range from $500 to $1000.

Please call the Texas Department of Licensure and Regulation at (512) 463-6599 for additional information on appliance repair technician licensing in El Paso, or visit their office at:

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
920 Colorado Boulevard.
78701 Austin, Texas

Furthermore, the US Environmental Protection Agency mandates that anybody who maintains, services, repairs, or disposes of refrigerants in the US be certified. This certification confirms that technicians have adequate knowledge about refrigerants. Technicians and repairmen must pass a written exam to become qualified. The exams are administered by EPA-approved organizations such as trade schools, unions, and employer organisations. Certification does not necessitate any formal education.

While residential appliance repair experts can attempt to repair the oven, refrigerator, or even the dishwasher, they are able to do so because of their experience. Commercial appliance repair technicians, on the other hand, are only licensed to work on certain appliances. Some of them even specialize in repairing specific brands of products. Although the scope of work in residential appliances is greater, the risk level in business devices is significantly higher. It also takes longer to repair commercial appliances.

How Much Do You Charge Compared to Other Appliance Repair Services in El Paso?

Before picking which appliance repairman to call, it is always a good idea to compare rates by collecting quotations from at least three different appliance repairmen in the city. The cost of hiring qualified appliance repair professionals for a project is mostly determined by the cost of parts needed for the repair, as well as the type of appliance that needs repair or maintenance. It's vital to note that choosing an appliance repairer shouldn't be based entirely on price. In just about any case, make certain the person you hire is qualified for the job.

Appliance repairmen in El Paso earn an average annual wage of $42,900. Provided below is a comparison of the hourly average wage for appliance repairmen in El Paso with those of these technicians in other areas of Texas and several other locations across the United States:

El Paso Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Texas Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Los Angeles Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Boston Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
New York City Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Phoenix Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Seattle Appliance Repair Man Average Hourly Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Are You Certified by the Manufacturer to Repair the Appliance in El Paso?

Before going ahead and hiring a technician, be sure that your chosen technician has been factory-certified by the maker of your broken item. The phrase "factory-certified" simply means that a manufacturing company has regarded an appliance repairman or an appliance repair company as qualified to conduct advanced or specialized services on their brand of items. Working with factory-certified specialists gives you the assurance that the repair work will be completed according to the manufacturer's requirements and that your appliance will be as good as new.

Factory-certified technicians have specialized experience in handling a wide range of problems linked with certain appliance models and are usually approved to make such repairs by the equipment makers. They also enjoy direct access to these manufacturers' technical and administrative support, ensuring that your repair is completed as quickly as feasible. They usually have access to genuine parts and are knowledgeable about the most up-to-date diagnostic, maintenance, and repair techniques. Working with a factory-certified technician also safeguards the warranty on your appliance.

It is necessary to state that just because an appliance repairman or repair service is not factory-certified does not mean they are unqualified to repair or service your equipment. Given that some manufacturers limit the number of repairmen who can be certified within a certain geographic area, it is quite possible for qualified professionals around you not to be certified. Many non-certified technicians have extensive training and experience in the repair of a wide range of appliances. As a result, if your appliance's warranty has expired, you can engage a non-factory-certified repair professional to restore it as long as the individual is fully licensed, has the right tools, and can provide original parts.

Will You Get the Appliance Parts and Accessories Required by the Manufacturer?

Knowing which parts will be required to repair your appliance is very critical. OEM and generic components are the two types of parts available for appliances and equipment. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM part is one that comes from the original manufacturer, and is, therefore, the finest alternative when it comes to fixing appliances. The other type of appliance part is the generic part. The generic part is made by a separate company that tries to match the OEM part's appearance and functionality, but such parts are not always as excellent as their OEM counterpart.

OEM components are frequently available from authorized servicers who have been trained by the manufacturer to repair their equipment. Furthermore, using an OEM part eliminates a variable in the repair process because you know for sure it is the same part you took out. When difficulties arise, the OEMs provide superior support, as they are usually extremely good about standing behind the products they sell if they fail.

Alongside using parts made by the original manufacturer, it is also important to be sure that any appliance part you buy comes with warranties. A warranty, which is a promise issued by the manufacturer to back up their goods, is usually written, guarantees quality, and is available for you to read before purchasing the parts.

It can be quite frustrating when an otherwise perfect appliance becomes unrepairable owing to a lack of parts. Patronising local parts supply stores may solve the problem as they may be able to help in these situations and even be able to fix the part. You might also take the part to a repair shop or a used appliance store to see if they can fix it or offer other solutions. Using Google can also help you find your part number so that it is easy to get from online stores.

What Kind of Appliance Repair Services Do You Offer?

The repair and installation of central vacuum systems, microwaves, gas appliances, ice makers, and kitchen hoods are some of the work that appliance repair specialists in El Paso do. Fixing overheating microwaves, repairing water leaks in dishwashers and washing machines, dealing with dryer difficulties, and installing new electrical or gas appliances are just a few of the services available.

If you are experiencing any of these, it is critical to ensure that the technician you employ is well-versed in both the type of appliance you need to have serviced or repaired and the brand of appliance you have. Before finalizing any employment arrangements, always confirm this with the repair technician and inquire about the cost of the repair service. The following are cost estimates for some of the most commonly requested appliance repair services in El Paso:

Central vacuum system installation
$1,366.85 - $2,029.48 (for existing typical four-bedroom home)
Dishwasher installation
$107.58 - $123.83
Electrical appliance installation
$103.33 - $141.02 (for basic appliance hookup only)
Garbage disposal unit repair/installation
$287.92 - $363.41 per hour (labor only)
Gas appliance installation
$75.00 - $150.00 per hour
Kitchen hood repair/installation
$88.00 and $398.00
Microwave oven installation
$104.87 - $116.84 (labor only, for basic microwave installation)
Appliance water line installation
$107.12 - $150.06
Wood stove repair
$90.00 - $1,275.00
Refrigerator repair
$236 - $256

How Do You Handle Issues of Product Repairs Going Wrong?

Even after hiring a fully qualified, licensed and factory-certified appliance repairman, it is still possible to be disappointed with the results of your product repair. In such cases, always express your dissatisfaction to the expert and point out what about the repair job you do not like. Many skilled repair professionals will collaborate with you to discover an amicable and affordable solution to the issues that have arisen. This may entail referring you to a different repair specialist and refunding some or all of your money.

If the technician refuses to be reasonable, or if you feel that the technician is being untrustworthy in their dealings with you, you can seek help from respected third-party consumer-oriented groups such as the Better Business Bureau. The El Paso office of this organization can be reached at:

550 East Paisano Drive,
El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915) 577-0191

You can also contact the Consumer Protection and Public Health division of the Office of the Texas Attorney General by filing a complaint online or visiting its regional office at:

El Paso Regional Office
401 East Franklin Avenue
Suite 530,
El Paso, TX 79901
Phone: (915) 834-5800

You may employ the county courts to take legal action against the guilty party if these agencies are unable to assist you in securing adequate compensation for the technician's wrongdoing. El Paso County Small Claims Court cases are heard in eight different locations. Make sure your lawsuit is filed in the Precinct where the defendants live or where the defendant has agreed to perform. Note that in a small claims court lawsuit, you cannot seek or ask for more than $10,000. If you believe your compensation is greater than this amount, you should consult a consumer attorney to determine the best course of action. The National Association of Consumer Advocates' directory online can help you identify consumer attorneys in El Paso.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Appliance Repair Services in El Paso?

Home appliance repairmen in the United States alone had 1,000 nonfatal occupational injuries in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Verifying the insurance status of your preferred appliance repair technician is an important step in determining their suitability for your repair task. It is vital to pick a technician who has enough insurance to handle the financial ramifications of any damage the technician causes to your appliance. Hiring an insured expert also shields you from financial and legal consequences in the event of a workplace accident.

While appliance repair services in El Paso are not required to have insurance, it is critical to ensure that the technician or service you use does. Commercial general liability insurance protects you from claims of third-party property damage and bodily injury, while commercial property insurance covers the cost of any repairs, as well as any tools, materials, and other items that may need to be replaced if the technician's repair shop burns down. If the technician employs even one person, be sure he or she is covered by workers' compensation insurance. Request proof of your technician's insurance coverage, as well as the insurance company's authentication of any documentation provided by the technician.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Appliance Repair Service in El Paso

Unscrupulous appliance repair technicians in El Paso may devise common repair scams such as requiring full payment before starting work, lying about being fully licensed to work, misrepresenting the level of damage to your appliance, and causing more damage to your appliance, all in order to get more money from you. When working with appliance repair specialists in El Paso, it is important to be very cautious so as to avoid falling victim to any of these tricks. The tips below can help you avoid scam artists and determine whether or not your scheduled appliance repair is legitimate:

  • Understand every element of your warranty, including the term, who does repairs, and any fees. A phone number and website should be listed on your warranty papers to help you locate a list of nearby authorized repair shops.
  • Make sure there are multiple payment options available, and always use credit cards.
  • Maintain a list of recommended businesses. You can also ask family and friends who they use and trust if the warranty period has expired.
  • Inquire about the repairman's credentials in your city or state. Refrigeration and electrical jobs in Texas require a license.
  • Before any work begins, get a written estimate in a professional form. Bring in another technician if the estimate appears to be too high. An accurate estimate should prevent you from unexpected expenses doubling or tripling.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Secretary of State's Business Search to confirm the company's name and status.
  • Pay just for the work that has been completed. Do not pay upfront fees.
  • Set up a procedure for approving any parts that need to be ordered. Always insist on seeing the parts that the repairman says need to be installed, and always ask to see the damaged parts that are being replaced.
  • Establish a deadline for the work to be finished.
  • Keep an eye on the repairman so he does not accidentally break your appliance.

If you have been a victim of an appliance repair scam, file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office, which protects Texas consumers by accepting complaints, initiating civil actions in the public interest, and educating Texans on how to spot and prevent scams. This office can also serve as a go-between for enraged parties.