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Find a Window Cleaning Near You

How to Find A Good Window Cleaning Contractor Near Me?

Arguably, unkempt windows easily defect the curb appeal of your home. Also, the smoke, soot, dust, cobwebs, and similar substances that have built up on the inside of your window overtime contaminates indoor air quality. With Americans spending an average of 90% of their time indoors, the importance of proper window cleaning is a matter of health and well-being. In addition, a clean window does not only improve ventilation but also curb this energy waste. A Department of Energy statistics shows that heat gains and losses through the windows account for 25-30 percent of a home’s HVAC-related energy usage.

While window cleaning is a straightforward task, leaving it to professional cleaning services nearby may be a smart choice to free up your time to do more productive work. Besides, a professional knows the most appropriate solvent to clean each specific dirt without damage to the frames or wall. Note, mishandling of cleaning chemicals is quite hazardous to human health.

Therefore, hiring a professional window cleaning contractor near you is as much a matter of safety as it is a matter of ensuring that a proper job is done. However, before you hire any window cleaning contractor, you need to make sure that this contractor can answer the following questions:

  1. Are You A Licensed Window Cleaning Contractor?

    Many states do not have state-level licensing requirements for window cleaning contractors. However, in some areas, contractor licensing is typically handled by local government authorities and window cleaning contractors may be required to obtain a license at either the county, city or municipality level. Examples of these areas include the States of New York, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, and Indiana.

    As such, before hiring a window cleaning contractor near you, you should contact your state licensing board, local municipal authority, or the consumer protection agency to find out if there are licensing requirements for these types of contractors in your area of residence.

  2. Are You a Bonded and Insured Window Cleaning Contractor?

    In 2019, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded a total of 33,990 nonfatal occupational injuries and 56 fatal occupational injuries among building cleaning workers. Bonding and insurance are crucial requirements when hiring contractors that work in high-risk fields like window cleaning because they protect you from unforeseen work-related financial damages.

    Request copies of your window cleaning contractor’s bonding and insurance certificates and make sure they are up to date. Ensure that the insurance plans include a general liability plan and a workers’ compensation plan. You can also contact your local consumer protection agency office near you to find out the minimum bonding requirements for window cleaning contractors in your area.

  3. What Kind of Work Are You Specialized In?

    There are various types of cleaning services that professional window cleaning contractors offer. They include:

    • Hard water spots and stains removal
    • Interior window cleaning
    • Exterior window cleaning
    • Glass door cleaning
    • Screen cleaning

    When hiring a window cleaning contractor near you, always find out the type of window cleaning that the contractor specializes in and whether this specialty correlates with the job that you need to be done.

  4. Who Will Do the Work?

    Window cleaners have access to all parts of the building where there is a window, so it is important to know who exactly would be cleaning your windows. In some cases, your window cleaning contractors may also bring an apprentice or subcontractor along to speed up the job. As a homeowner, it is important to get contact information on every person that will be involved in your window cleaning job. Doing this goes a long way to help mitigate security risks and also helps you ensure that all the workers involved in the job are properly bonded and insured.

  5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

    A warranty is a guarantee offered by contractors that assures their clients of the quality of their service. Professional window cleaning contractors generally offer a type of warranty known as a rain guarantee that usually involves a free re-do of the cleaning job if any drops or marks are discovered on the cleaned window within a specified period. Note that the specific terms of this guarantee vary by contractor, as such it is a good idea to get it in writing. This allows you to have a clear idea of the guarantee’s terms and conditions. Well-experienced contractors near you will not hesitate to provide you with a written warranty for their workmanship.

  6. Will This Job Require a Permit?

    Permits are not usually required for window cleaning as it does not involve a significant alteration to the structure or footprint of your home. However, because permit requirements are determined by local governments, it is always a good idea to verify with the local building department office near you whether or not you need a permit for professional window cleaning.

  7. Will You Provide References?

    Always ask your window cleaning contractor for references. These references give you an idea of your contractor's work ethic, customer service, and quality of work. The Federal Trade Commission advises that you ask for at least verifiable three references from any contractor that you intend to employ. You can also get reviews from clients near you on any contractor through third-party websites like Better Business Bureau and Yelp.

  8. Do You Have a Business License?

    Even though professional licensing is not generally required for window cleaning contractors, these contractors are mandatorily required to obtain a business license before they can conduct business. You should always request a copy of your window cleaning contractor’s license and authenticate it with your state of residence's Office of the Secretary of State.

What Are Common Window Cleaning Problems?

Some common window cleaning problems are:

  • Lime and mineral deposits
  • Landscape debris
  • Cobwebs
  • Dust stuck to blinds
  • Streaks and spots
  • Mildew on window frames
  • Fast re-soiling of windows

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of window cleaning in the United States is $5 - $20 per window. However, some professional window cleaning contractors charge hourly rates which usually fall between $60 - $85 per hour. Some window cleaning cost estimates are listed below:

Cost estimate by type of window per pane/window:

$3 - $5
$6 - $10
hung - $6 - $10
hung - $12 - $20
$5 - $15
$20 - $30
Storm windows
$25 - $50

Cost estimate by type of cleaning per pane/window:

Washing a windowpane
$4 - $11
Cleaning a window inside and out
$5 - $8
Removing mineral deposits
$15 - $20
Paint and stain removal
$3.50 - $7

What Are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Window Cleaning?

The following factors affect the cost of window cleaning:

The number and size of windows that require cleaning
The location of the windows that require cleaning
The amount and type of dirt present on the windows
The extent of detail required for the job (this includes the presence of blinds, screens, sills, and tracks around the window)

Note, if you are keeping your window cleaner on an ongoing basis, it is best to hire near you to enjoy cost reduction due to proximity.

What Qualifications Should a Window Cleaning Contractor Have?

Window cleaning does not require any formal education and the contractors that are involved in this industry generally learn on the job. In addition to on-the-job training, some window cleaning contractors undergo training and certification through professional associations like the International Window Cleaning Association and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.

Do You Need a Handyman or a Professional Window Cleaning Contractor?

Unlike handymen near you, window cleaning contractors are specifically trained to perform window cleaning services and protect themselves from the numerous risks associated with doing so. They also have the advantage of being bonded and insured, which protects you from any financial liabilities if an on-the-job injury occurs. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to hire a professional window cleaning contractor instead of a handyman. Note that you should always verify the bonding and insurance status of your contractor before hiring.

What are Common Post Window Cleaning Expenses?

Window cleaning does not generally incur any additional expenses after the job has been completed. However, if it is discovered that your window panes or window frames have been severely damaged by accumulated mineral deposits and untreated mildew, you may have to replace them. This can cost you an average of $100 - $600, depending on the type of materials used for the window pane and frame.

Does Your Homeowner Insurance Cover Window Cleaning Expenses?

Homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover sudden and unexpected damages to your home and home-related assets. Since window cleaning is mostly done for maintenance purposes, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover any expenses associated with it.

Can I Use Digital Payment To Pay My Window Cleaning Contractor?

Like most small businesses in the US today, window cleaning contractors near you would accept digital payment. This type of payment is now more widely accepted globally because of its relative speed and security compared with other payment types. Digital payments also provide an easy audit trail, making them better for book-keeping purposes. However, it is advisable to confirm that your window cleaning contractor accepts payment via this method before initiating any transactions.